What we do

Studio Bucket is the easiest video workflow platform for teams. It gives you control to help bust through the bottlenecks of producing video. Collect all raw content and assets, from anyone, anywhere, including video shot on mobiles and tablets.

How do they get the clips to your Studio Bucket?
Easily, Directly, Instant uploads from their device to your project, ready to go. Even huge files, no problem, no limits. Get feedback, get it done and published in a click.

Collect, collate, reviews, revisions, file transfers, more reviews, approvals and when everything is done, publish and store safely. All in one place. Under your brand.

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Why we do it

We wanted to create a simple, intuitive and powerful video platform which allows you to keep things moving.

Collaboration, transparency and a disciplined apporoach for you and your team, saving you time, money and frustration as you produce more video.

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Small Teams
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Reviewers
  • 100GB Storage
  • 2 Team Members
  • Live Dashboard
  • Email support
Business Teams
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Reviewers
  • 500GB Storage
  • 10 Team Members
  • Live Dashboard
  • Email + Chat support
Enterprise Teams
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  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Reviewers
  • 1TB+ Storage
  • 25+ Team Members
  • Live Dashboard
  • Account Manager
Is there a file size limit?

You can upload up to a massive 30GB per file, anywhere on the platform, and from any device, from footage shot on phones through to raw camera 4k green screen files.

Do my customers need a login to view a video I share with them?

No. When you share a video with anyone, they receive an email with a link to view it instantly their browser on any device, without need to login.

Can I send any file on the platform to anyone like a file transfer service?

Yes, your Studio Bucket platform comes with an inbuilt file transfer feature, which you can use on any uploaded file, from raw assets to the final video. Use the … icon under each file to Send to Others, or else the Share button for your Completed videos. Add a note and the recipient’s email, and they will receive your note and link to instantly view or download.

Can third parties contribute assets to a project?

Absolutely. If you would like anyone, anywhere on the planet, to contribute content, but do not want them to have access to the actual project, each job comes with a unique link which you can email to others.

This link will invite them to upload a file directly to that project, and you will see it real time the minute it’s uploaded. Perfect when you need graphics from a freelance designer in London, or brand guidelines and hero footage from the head office in New York, or art files from the Sydney office.

And with the rise of user generated footage filmed on phones, this external link is the perfect way to collect and collate material from multiple creators. The project coordinator just emails all contributors the link for the project, ready for them to upload their clips, instantly and without the usual file size restrictions associated with phone uploads.

What’s the difference between a Client and a Customer?

Your Clients are the brands or departments, your Customers are the individuals within those Clients. To maximise the platform’s search functionality, it pays to create Clients within your Client. For example, Acme Pty Ltd is your Client. But Acme has many divisions, so for a typical big organisation you may have Clients broken down into :

Acme – Corporate
Acme – Legal
Acme – IT
Acme – Marketing
Acme – Finance
Acme – Europe
Acme – Asia Pacific

This way each time a new project is created, either by you or your Client, the user can use the drop down menu and select with Acme division the video represents.

Trust us, when it comes to searching for a particular video in 6 months, or preparing a report on how many videos each Acme division has done this month, you will love having set up Clients.

A Customer is any individual end user at Acme, identified through their name and email.

So a video project for Acme – IT on new security measures at the company would have key job detail as:

Job Title:
IT Security Measures
Updates on the fight against spam and hacking
Acme – IT
There are 3 levels of User – what are they?
  1. Super Editor – the master users who control your platform and all communications between the Customer on one side, and creative professionals such as video Editors on the other.
  2. Editor – usually external creatives or freelancers, or internals working specifically on one or two projects at a time. They have no access to your Clients or Customers, and can only communicate with Super Editors via private Team Notes that the Customer cannot see.
  3. Customer – the end user, who either has created the project and uploaded assets to it for you to work with, or else is just waiting until you send them through via your Studio Bucket an edited video is ready for them to review and provide feedback.
Can I change Users’ profile status between the 3 options?

Yes. As often as you like. If a freelance creative, who is an Editor in your platform, is doing a spell of full-time work in your office, and needs full access, you can change them from Editor to Super Editor in a click. You can change them back at any time. You can also use additional internal email addresses as ways to create spare Editor and Customer accounts for your internal projects, or to test the two-way workflow up and down the creative and approvals process between Super Editor – Editor – Customer, and back again.

What’s the difference between a Super Editor and an Editor?

A Super Editor has full access to your entire platform, all projects and Client, Customer and Editor communications.

An Editor only has access to a specific project allocated to them by a Super Editor. They have no way of communicating with the Client, only with the Super Editors.

How do I allocate a job to an Editor?

First you need via Users, then Add User to have created their Editor profile on your platform. Then they will appear in the drop down menu when the time comes to allocate a project. To allocate a job on your Studio Bucket platform to an Editor, either select ‘Allocate’ on your Dashboard for a job, and then use the drop down menu to select your Editor; or else call up the job, go to the Notes tab, then Team Notes, and select Allocate Editor to again show the drop down menu of your accredited talent. You can use either method to change Editors at any stage during the life of a project – just drop down and select a different Editor. The original Editor will no longer have access to that project.

The Editor will receive an email notification informing them that you have allocated them a project. They have the option to accept or decline the job. Your central Dashboard status for that job will change to Editor Review. When the Editor is ready to send you back the edited video, they upload it to the project and Submit to Super Editor. You receive email notification that the Editor has returned the job, and the Dashboard status changes to Super Editor Review to signify it is awaiting attention from your or one of your Super Editors.

And when a project allocated to them is marked as Complete by either the Super Editor or the Customer, the Editor loses access to it permanently. The only way they could access that project, or any other in the future, is if a Super Editor allocates it back to them.

Can my external Editor work directly with my Client?

No. Editors can only communicate with their Super Editor.

How long are projects and assets stored in my account?

As long as you need – it’s up to you. Each account tier comes with generous amounts of data. If you reach your limit, you can either delete some files to free up more data, or if you need more, contact team@studiobucket.com

How does the main Dashboard work?

Your Dashboard is your single page overview, or command centre, where you can see:

- every video project currently under way, and it’s current status between Super Editor Review, Editor Review and Customer Review.
- deadline countdown
- time and date stamped at every stage
- ability to push down or up the flow cycle: allocate jobs to accredited Editors internally or externally, review their work before either asking for more revisions from them or else sending on to your Customer with the press of a button.
For the 3 Pricing Plans, what is a Team Member?

A Team Member is anyone with a login to your Studio Bucket platform as either a Super Editor, Editor or Customer.

You can have unlimited reviewers, who are not counted as Team Members. This means you can share your videos with unlimited others to receive their feedback, without needing them to login.

If you need to increase the number of Team Members on your platform, contact team@studiobucket.com

How do the storage limits work, and what happens if I reach my limit?

Each of the 3 plans comes with a matching storage capacity, beginning at 100GB and increasing to unlimited.

Storage is calculated by the total amount of data in your account at any time. If you reach your limit, you can either delete files to bring your account back under your limit, or else upgrade to the next plan for more data. Contact team@studiobucket.com to discuss your needs and we’ll help work out the best plan for you.

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